Fry, worth reading

"At the extremes humans can love or hate. I have raved, screamed, shrieked and cursed when my iPhones, Macs, iPods, Airport base units and Apple TVs have betrayed me, let me down. I expect so much of them. But it is nothing to the venomous fury, disbelieving rage and overmastering contempt that floods my being when attempting to get function, sense and use out of a Windows, especially a Vista machine. I made quite a spectacle of myself over this very issue not long ago."


After obsessing over its potential and drooling over the technical press reports on it, I have finally succumbed and swapped my blackberry for an iPhone.

Yes, in true fanboy fashion I have decided that my digital armament of choice should bear the shiny apple logo, so I have added my new iPhone to the 1TB time capsule I bought in duty free on my way back from Bulgaria.